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Buffalo Business Board Meets to Discuss Downtown Concerns | News

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Buffalo Business Board Meets to Discuss Downtown Concerns

BUFFALO, NY-- The Board of Directors of Buffalo Place, Inc. held its monthly meeting Wednesday, but the issue of crime in regards to the weekend shooting, took center stage.

Developers, businessmen, and bar owners met to discuss how the recent outbreak in crime could impact their businesses. All agreed it was a tragic and rare occurrence, but they also realize that public perception is a reality. The downtown area has recently taken several hits to its pubic image.

Brian Patterson, Chief of Downtown District Police, spoke to a group about several law enforcement ideas that could be put into action. One idea was implementing a paddy wagon, so multiple offenders could be detained at once with little impact on man-power.

Patterson also talked about having officers walking more focused beats, an increased emphasis on curfew enforcement, and better communication between business owners and law enforcement.

The Chief also pointed out that if a call was made from City Grill as the patrons were cleared out of the restaurant, officers could have been on scene much quickly. Business owners say that while this incident was isolated, it has still forced them to put aside their differences with each other and pull together for the sake of the city.

"This is a matter of survival and everybody has one common goal, [which is] to survive. In the past, everybody had their own agendas, but now everybody realizes the sole purpose is to survive, and that's why everybody is working in the same direction," said Buffalo developer, Rocco Termini.

Termini has also proposed the idea of changing the closing time of bars in Erie County to 1 a.m, from the current 4 a.m.

All the developers agree there is no 'silver bullet' that will take care of all issues. Everyone shares a stake in correcting the problems facing downtown, both in public perception and reality.



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