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Buffalo Mayor, Police Commissioner Ask for public's help in solving the City Grill Shooting | News

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Buffalo Mayor, Police Commissioner Ask for public's help in solving the City Grill Shooting

BUFFALO-While saying progress is being made in the investigation, Mayor Byron Brown and Police Commissioner Dan Derenda continue to appeal to witnesses in Saturday's City Grill shooting to come forward.

Buffalo Police updated the media and the community Monday morning. Both Brown and Derenda say more and more tips are coming in, they still need people who were there that night to speak out about what they saw.

"We are appealing to you, appealing to you," pleaded Mayor Brown, "to come forward and share what you know.

Commissioner Derenda said the department is working around the clock to find the person responsible for the deadly carnage. In addition, the Mayor announced that Governor David Paterson has offered the state's assistance in the investigation. The Mayor said he has accepted that offer and will provide further details on what that includes at a later time.

Buffalo Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda was at City Court Sunday morning after charges were dropped against Keith Johnson.

"With the new information we were able to determine that we believe now, that the suspect we arrested Mr. Johnson, is not the suspect in the homicide," Derenda said.

Derenda went on to defend yesterday's arrest.

"However having said that, based on information they had identification, and other evidence I believe they were justified in the arrest earlier," he said.

"We are looking for the right person," Derenda continued. "It isn't just about making an arrest and if we were wrong, and apparently in this case we were, we moved quickly to rectify the situation."

He assures the public that despite everything that happened Saturday, there are still leads that have popped up in the case. 

"We obtained some new photo evidence, and some video evidence," Derenda said. "And based on the new evidence as I stated we turned things around very quickly."



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