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DA Frank Sedita Says Witnesses To The City Grill Shooting Will Be Protected By His Office | News

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DA Frank Sedita Says Witnesses To The City Grill Shooting Will Be Protected By His Office

Buffalo, N.Y. - There were well over one hundred people outside of the City Grill when four people were killed and four others injured last weekend, yet very few of them, if any, are cooperating with the investigation.

Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita says he needs a few of those people to come forward, identify themselves, and help bring a mass murderer to justice.

So, why haven't people been cooperating?

"I think unfortunately it comes down to fear," says the Reverend Darius Pridgen of True Bethel Baptist Church. "And we have to be very, very sensitive to that, because I think it's easy to say (come forward) if you don't live in the neighborhood."

Frank Sedita: "I understand that most people think they're going to be intimidated but it very,very rarely happens. If it does happen, we have a witness relocation program.

Scott Brown: "If someone were to come forward and they're afraid of retaliation, what can you do for them?"

Frank Sedita: "Since I've been D.A. we've relocated four witnesses in four different homicide cases and we've been able to successfully prosecute those cases. Nothing has happened to those people. They were temporarily relocated, there was no retaliation."

And in terms of the City Grill shooting, what about people who are afraid to come forward because they shouldn't have been out late in a bar that night?

Scott Brown: "Am I going to be hit with a parole violation, if I shouldn't have been there for coming forward?"

Frank Sedita: "If a citizen has witness information and it's valuable witness information, I'm going to treat that citizen as a cooperating witness, that's how I'm going to view that citizen, especially in the larger context of the criminal justice system, I think you know what I'm saying."














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