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Go Veggies ... And Go Healthy! | Business

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Go Veggies ... And Go Healthy!
Go Veggies ... And Go Healthy!

Veggie burgers, veggie sauce, veggie rolls and mango pudding are sought-after favorites at the Elmwood-Bidwell Farmers Market, courtesy of vendor Genga Ponnampalam and his popular Go Veggies stand. But did you know that Go Veggie products are available year-round?

Genga prepares his products using the freshest ingredients available. His delicious veggie burgers, for example, contain cooked brown rice, sunflower seeds, fresh carrots, fresh mushrooms, vegetable oil, fresh broccoli, fresh onion, salt, fresh garlic, and fresh green pepper. That’s a lot of freshness! The same can be said for his veggie rolls, which feature ingredients such as potatoes, peas, wheat wrap, spices, salt and vegetable oil. 

“Our veggie burgers are a blend of American and Southeast Asian appetites,” said Genga. “Our products are greatly welcomed by health-conscious people.

“I come from a traditional vegetarian background, from an agricultural-based society in Sri Lanka, where various vegetarian dishes were prepared with health consciousness and longevity in mind,” Genga added. “As a result of these traditional cooking and eating habits, most of the people in this society lived a long and healthy life. The major medical conditions we face today are obesity, heart disease and diabetes which are largely a result of our diet. A vegetarian diet would reduce the risk of most of the major illnesses.”

In addition to their popular stand at the Elmwood-Bidwell Farmers Market, Go Veggies also caters social events such as parties, dinners, family occasions, seminars and workshops in the Buffalo Niagara area. For more information on catering and year-round product availability — including gluten-free, soy-free and vegan — please visit www.goveggies.com, call 908-2778 or become a fan of their Facebook page.

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