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A New Plan For Policing Downtown Buffalo | News

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A New Plan For Policing Downtown Buffalo

BUFFALO, N.Y. - Business owners and clergy met with Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown and police brass Tuesday night to go over a new policing strategy in the city. Mayor Brown says the timing of this, days after the mass shooting that killed four people and injured four others, is pure coincidence.

"Would you say this is a wake-up call of sorts, to get things rolling?" 2 On Your Side's Josh Boose asked the mayor.

"I don't think it's a wake-up call at all," Brown responded. "I think we have been working on these issues."

After taping a few set-up pictures the media was asked to leave the meeting. The mayor wouldn't outline any of the new ideas, but did say the city needs to spend money more wisely and collaborate with other organizations better to make this new system work.

"How big of a role is prevention going to play in this?" Boose asked the mayor.

"Prevention will play some role, prevention is important," he replied.

But policing, officers out on the streets themselves, is the main target for the overhaul.

"We're going to need some immediate strategies some things that have to happen right now, some mid range strategies and some things that will be implemented over the long term," Brown said.

But that plan is only on paper now. Boose asked the mayor, what about life in the city now, before this new plan is even in place.

"What would you say the people that say 'I'm still concerned about coming downtown, I'm going to think twice about it now.'"

"I would say downtown is safe," Brown responded. "I would say this is an anomaly. This kind of thing doesn't happen all the time. This was a very rare, very strange isolated incident."

Brown says this new plan will be released later this week. He wants to have it in place within the next few weeks.


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