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Transplant Miracles Foundation's Treasure Island Picnic to Support Organ Transplant & Research | Community Spirit

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Transplant Miracles Foundation's Treasure Island Picnic to Support Organ Transplant & Research

The Transplant Miracles Foundation is asking the community to come out in support of organ transplant and research at the 3rd annual Treasure Island Family Picnic – or else have to walk the plank! The yearly fundraising event is Saturday, September 18 from 2:00 – 6:00 p.m. at the West Side Rowing Club and Frank Lloyd Wright Rowing Boathouse.

Tickets are $35 per person or $60 per family and include food, drinks, raffles, games, music and fun for the whole family. Proceeds from the event support organ transplant and surgical research, the treatment and care of transplant recipients and to promote organ donation.

The Transplant Miracles Foundation was formed by Jack O’Donnell and his family in 2008 following a medical emergency and organ transplant. In May 2007, O’Donnell went to the hospital with severe stomach pain. One day later he was diagnosed with an infection that was destroying his liver and causing his entire body to shut down. Jack needed a transplant but was considered to be too sick for the surgery. He was given last rites and told he had 24 hours left to live.  At the last moment a donor was found and despite the risks, Jack was transferred to Rochester’s Strong Memorial Hospital and received the transplant.

“A family at a very difficult time in their life made the decision to donate their loved one’s organs and help to save a life,” said Jack O’Donnell, chair and founder of Transplant Miracles Foundation. “Having been given a second chance at life, I had to give something back. My main priority is to promote organ donation and do everything in my power to make sure others get the same opportunity I have been given.”

The Transplant Miracles Foundation has raised $25,000 over the past two years to support various programs. Last year, the Foundation gave $10,000 to Strong Memorial Hospital to support a technique that allowed researchers to get healthy cells from livers being transplanted rather than the standard technique of obtaining cells from sick livers post transplant. Understanding how the liver can re-grow will help not just with liver transplants but with all organ transplants.

The Foundation also assisted in the recent signing into law of legislation that will allow individuals to register their consent online to be an organ and tissue donor. By allowing online registration, this new law simplifies the enrollment process and encourages more New Yorkers to register their consent to the recovery of their organs and tissues for purposes of transplantation or research at the time of their death.

Founded in 2008, the goal of Transplant Miracles Foundation is to raise transplant survival rates, improve the quality of life for transplant recipients and promote organ donation through education, support for organ transplant recipients and support for research to improve transplants. Visit www.transplantmiracles.org for more information.


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