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Urban Farm Shows Off Community's Success | News

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Urban Farm Shows Off Community's Success

BUFFALO, N.Y. - In an economy that can be truly defined as "hard times," people are often forced to make due with what's around them. In one Buffalo community; however, they are thriving off of it.

The initiative, The Massachusetts Avenue Project, named after its location, held a big fundraiser Thursday evening, showing off the delicious items it's growing in its nearby greenhouse. Located right on the street, the west side urban farm grows more than four thousand pounds of organic vegetables every year.

"We believe that using more sustainable methods for growing food, just in general living, is really just important to the future of all of us," said spokesperson Zoe Hollomon, "For the well being of the planet and certainly youth employment is a big issue in this neighborhood and many neighborhoods around Buffalo."

In addition to helping the community focus on a helthy lifestyle, the Massachusetts Avenue Project also employs about 40 to 50 teens from the surrounding area, who learn to plant, care for, as well as sell produce in the city.


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