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Discover South Buffalo Website Launched | Arts & Culture

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Discover South Buffalo Website Launched
Discover South Buffalo Website Launched

www.SouthBuffaloHome.com was created by volunteers from the South Buffalo CREW to welcome everyone to the neighborhoods of South Buffalo.

The new site is a showcase of the many reasons why SB CREW members love where they live, and provides a useful guide for anyone who might buy a home, start a business or visit South Buffalo.

As the page for “Living in SB” says, “When you add it all up, you’d be crazy not to move here. You can escape the high taxes of the suburbs and still live in a safe neighborhood with amazing parks, good schools, caring neighbors, and plenty of stuff to do.” The website provides a great deal of evidence to back that up.

You’ll find parks of all sizes, you’re only a 5 minute walk from at least one of them no matter where you live. South Buffalo has more parkland than any other area of the Buffalo, including 2 designed by Fredrick law Olmsted that both include a 9 hole golf course. Plus the City’s only Nature Preserve, locally known as Tifft Farms.

The waterfront includes Lake Erie and provides plenty of reasons to visit, due to extensive redevelopment. There’s a beach, boardwalk, pier, boat launch, harbor, parkland, and bike paths that provide easy access to it all.

The website has sections ‘For Families‘, ‘For Businesses‘, ‘ Living in SB‘, ‘About South Buffalo‘, and ‘Get Involved

Visit the website today to learn a little more about this bueutiful corner of Buffalo. www.SouthBuffaloHome.com

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