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Love is the Answer: Youth and Social Change | Arts & Culture

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Love is the Answer: Youth and Social Change
Love is the Answer: Youth and Social Change

Forest Call celebrated its one-year anniversary by honoring the work of our youth. Neil, a teen intern with Service Space, interviewed 17-year-old Ian Watt. A filmmaker who founded, “Love is the Answer" live on Forest Call.

The motto of “Love is the Answer” is basic:

“ ______ is the problem. love is the answer. Your creativity. Your movement. Let us be your voice."


Ian is a regular 17-year-old artist that prefers to use his creativity to make a difference. Numerous times, Ian has donated to causes yet realized the only opportunity to get to movements is through finances.

Ian thought about his generation, the current youth being altruistic in nature as well as creative and decided instead of simply giving financially, why not take a picture, make a song, create a film and inspire others through artwork?

Ian spent extensive time involved with a Nepalese NGO, K.I. NEPAL regarding sexual trafficking.

"This whole idea of the "loveistheanswer" movement is to come here [Nepal] and to really plug in."

What transpired beyond Nepal was and is a call to service when musicians and filmmakers launched a website that reflected their vision. “Love Is the Answer” celebrates creativity and problem solving.

It is an arena for creative people to utilize their skills towards a movement, something much greater than we are.

When asked where his inspiration comes from, Ian stated:

"I am privileged to have grown up in a really strong and centered family . . . our lives are here to serve others, it's not to get as much as we can out of life . . .  I think it's important to understand our purpose is not to gain things for ourselves but to serve others . . . I would just like to thank my parents, they have always been an inspiration to me."

Ian's school sponsored a contest that he won inspiring him to continue to use film to help people realize the true purpose of their lives. Ian does not seek to be the “best director” or to be “famous” rather to inspire others to create.

Furthermore, Ian's school made his vision a greater possibility by allowing him to finish his education online in order to continue traveling to bring more awareness through collaboration for a greater cause.

A direct result is apparent in Ian's advice for kids who do not have the same privilege or exposure:

"To the people who think they don't have the potential or think they don't have the capacity to serve others, you totally can, it's less of finding the money or finding the opportunity, it's more of what's going on inside, where's your heart? Everyone is here for a reason and there is a certain calling we all have to use our lives to serve others to make our world a better place for the next generation."

When inquired on simplicity:

"We should be the change instead of technology; technology is a tool that we should use. A lot of the advancements that we have made as a society has been under detrimental purposes. The same technology used to prevent human trafficking is being used to support human trafficking."

On the website, there are new artists constantly signing on. People can submit their art or movement for cultivation or sponsorship.

In September 2012, a film will be released based upon the chance to “plug in” to street artists. Ian witnessed the creation of wall murals utilized to highlight causes.

To find people in the world, who are interested in becoming involved in the world, is the mission of "Love is the Answer." 

In the words of one 17-year-old artist: 

"Is this life about me or is it about us? As a global community, we are responsible for each other." - Ian Watt


Ian's experience in Nepal is documented on Northern Lights titled, “loveistheanswer” a short documentary created by diverse young artists collaborating with one another.

The short film is truly monumental.

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