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Restaurant Owners Turn to Sure Step to Keep Employees on Their Feet | Business

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Restaurant Owners Turn to Sure Step to Keep Employees on Their Feet
Restaurant Owners Turn to Sure Step to Keep Employees on Their Feet

As you might imagine, the kitchen at your favorite local restaurant is a very busy, fast-paced environment. In addition to all the food preparation and cooking taking place behind the scenes, there’s a tremendous amount of foot traffic — everyone from chefs to dishwashers and house managers to the waitstaff.

Needless to say, on any given day a restaurant kitchen floor also sees its share of spills and splashes. Food, beverages, water and even cooking oil can end up underneath the feet of restaurant employees at any point in time, increasing the likelihood of slips, falls and injuries to staff.

As a result, slips, trips and falls due to wet and slippery conditions are among the greatest kitchen concerns. For restaurant owners, it’s an ongoing battle to keep workers healthy and safe.

And that’s where Sure Step comes in. Sure Step is a non-slip treatment that can be applied to a wide variety of flooring surfaces to help prevent slip and fall incidents. Many business owners — including restaurant owners — have taken notice and are now turning to Sure Step to keep their employees on their feet and reduce the potential for injuries and costly lawsuits.

One restaurant chain owner saw a difference right away after having the flooring in his commercial kitchens treated with Sure Step. “I have never seen anything like it,” the restaurateur said. “Our kitchen floor was a disaster … the staff was falling all the time. I didn’t believe that your non-slip treatment would make such a difference, but the floors are no longer dangerous.”

“Every kitchen in every restaurant or cafeteria gets water on its floor every day, resulting in a dangerous condition,” said Stephen DeMarte, owner of Western New York-based Nonslip Safety Solution, a licensed distributor of Sure Step. “Carpets and floor mats can help, but you simply can’t put them everywhere a floor gets wet. They are not the answer and business owners know that. 

“Once a surface has been treated with Sure Step, the chances of slipping and falling are greatly reduced,” added DeMarte. “Sure Step provides a non-slip result without leaving a coating or film on the floor. It is an incredible product that truly lives up to its name!”

Sure Step, when applied at a business entrance, exit and in high-traffic areas, is also a great way to keep customers on their feet!

To learn more about Sure Step, schedule a free demonstration or to have your floors compliance tested, please contact DeMarte at (716) 560-5594 or nonslipsafetysolution@gmail.com, or sales associate James Beiler at (585) 205-3057 or safety@nonslipsafetysolution.com. You can also follow Nonslip Safety Solution on Facebook and view a Sure Step video at www.facebook.com/Nonslip-Safety-Solution-1697905040511973/.



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