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Bar Association Issues Ratings for Judicial Candidates | Business

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Bar Association Issues Ratings for Judicial Candidates
Bar Association Issues Ratings for Judicial Candidates

BUFFALO, NY- The Bar Association of Erie County has completed and issued its 2011 ratings for judicial candidates for Buffalo City Court, Erie County Family Court and New York State Supreme Court. Ratings include Outstanding, Well Qualified, Qualified, and Not Recommended. The Association announces its rating as follows:

New York State Supreme Court

Hon. Patrick H. NeMoyer – Outstanding


Erie County Court

Hon. Sharon M. LoVallo – Well Qualified

Hon. Patricia A. Maxwell – Well Qualified


Buffalo City Court

Gillian Brown – Qualified

Hon. Susan M. Eagan – Well Qualified

Hon. Joseph A. Fiorella – Well Qualified

Hon. David Manz – Well Qualified

Anthony L. Pendergrass – Not Recommended

Hon. Robert T. Russell, Jr. – Outstanding

Diane Y. Wray – Not Recommended


Judicial candidates are asked to complete a written questionnaire and are rated on criteria including integrity, experience, professional ability, education, reputation, industry, temperament, fairness, statutory standards, attitude, punctuality, and knowledge of the law; all of which are determined through a process which includes a personal interview with each candidate who request it and interviews with lawyers and judges who have had interaction with the candidates.

The ratings are defined in the Bar Association of Erie County’s Judicial Rating Application:

The great public responsibility and power of the bench necessitates that the measure of qualification for judicial office must be greater than that required for the private practice of law. To be rated “Qualified” the applicant must meet each of the listed criteria to a reasonable degree. A rating of “Well Qualified” requires qualifications to a high degree, and a rating of “Outstanding” requires qualifications even beyond that high standard. In assessing an applicant’s qualifications it must be remembered that meeting the ‘standards of professional conduct expected of lawyers in their relationships with the public, with the legal system, and with the legal profession,’ is at least as important as the requirement of knowledge and proficiency in technical aspects of the practice of law.

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