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Nickel City Cheese Offers Sandwiches and Gourmet Goodies | Business

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Nickel City Cheese Offers Sandwiches and Gourmet Goodies
Nickel City Cheese Offers Sandwiches and Gourmet Goodies

A few months ago Nickel City Cheese & Mercantile moved onto Elmwood, taking over the building that was former home to Tabree. Run by Jill Forster (Steve Gedra’s (Bistro Europa) sister), its given the city of Buffalo a gourmet grocery store offering a large variety of premium cheese from all over the world, charcuterie, olives and other delicious foodie delights. Jill is fantastic and came over to the Buffalo Eats studio last week and talked about her shop, her background and how she made her way into the world of cheese. That podcast will debut next Tuesday (Aug 21st) and I highly suggest you take a listen to it.

Over the course of our visits we have sampled cheese, olives, cured meats and recently a couple of their sandwiches. For the most part, everything we’ve tried has been delicious and the staff inside the shop have been very helpful and knowledgeable. For those looking for lunch or early dinner, Nickel City Cheese offers about 5 different sandwiches at any given time that they make fresh on the spot. They don’t have seating available in the shop (there is a bench in front of the store) but luckily we live only a couple minutes away. On our most recent visit, Alli and I each tried a sandwich off their menu. I ordered their version of the classic Vietnamese sandwich Banh Mi ($8.99, pictured) and Alli tried their Grilled Cheese ($6.99).

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