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Shop Local at Pop Up Shops in Buffalo | Business

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Shop Local at Pop Up Shops in Buffalo
Shop Local at Pop Up Shops in Buffalo

With so much focus on shopping local its important for many to fully understand the impact on shop-local first. Shopping local at independent, local business helps to keep more monies in your local economy which support local schools, services, non-profits and communities as a whole.

The return on each dollar spent locally is 80% that's five times the return to local community through city taxes, employees wages, supplies/material and other related services from other independent businesses. In comparison to 40% return on a dollar from chain and franchises which are often given tax-incentives by local government which is costing you more despite their discounted pricing. In reality most of these corporations are only concern with the bottom line and its shareholders.

Buy Local campaigns are helping local economies come together sending the message that’s important to stimulate local economies and On Dec 1. Buffalo first, a non profit organization nonprofit whose mission is to foster a strong, self-determined local economy in Western New York through consumer education, advocacy and programs will host Give Local A Chance Pop-Up Shops at The Main (St) udios from 12-8pm it will feature three floors of local and Independent pop up shops.

Check out the full list of vendors: Dec 1. @ Main (St)udios 515 main st 12-8pm



Here’s a full list of the top reason to buy local

  • Buy Local -- Support yourself
  • Helps alerts a community about gaps in the local market help to create innovative product/services
  • Helps prevents towns from becoming ghost towns or clone towns
  • Lower transportation, and environmental, costs
  • Help us retain skills and framework for producing
  • Recreate the diversity of small businesses that are flexible and can adjust" to changing needs and market conditions
  • Enhances the "velocity" of money, or circulation speed, in the area
  • More goes into input costs such as supplies and upkeep, printing, advertising, paying employees
  • Support community groups
  • Keep our community unique.
  • Create more good jobs:
  • Invest in community.
  • Put your taxes to good use
  • Buy what you want, not what someone wants you to buy:
  • Encourage local prosperity

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