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Grassroots, Inc. Makes First Round of Candidate Edorsements | Business

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Grassroots, Inc. Makes First Round of Candidate Edorsements
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Grassroots, Inc. Makes First Round of Candidate Edorsements

From a Statement by Grassroots, Inc:

The decision of the Nominating Committee is  based on the candidate’s ability to meet the following criteria: 1- knowledge and opinion of how the municipal body they represent operates, expertise and involvement in community & constituent related activities, 2- top platform issues and if they are realistic and attainable,   3- ability to deliver resources, success, build coalitions and meet regularly with community stakeholders now and after election, 4- the candidates electability and commitment to improving the functioning  and operation of the  municipal body they represent and finally 5- the candidates record of supporting issues of grave concern that attribute to the growth and development of this community.  After a series of meetings and in-depth discussions with several local candidates Grassroots, Inc. is proud to announce the following endorsements to date:

Buffalo Common Council:      Darius G. Pridgen - Ellicott District, Bonnie E. Russell -University District, Demone A. Smith  -Masten District

The Buffalo Common Council is vested with all legislative powers for the City of Buffalo and the power to confirm the Mayor’s major administrative appointments.  Council members are elected to a four year term.

Buffalo City Court:                Robert   Russell

Buffalo City Court holds the essential obligation to provide a system of civil justice that affords access to all of its citizens irrespective of income or any other potential barriers. “Equal access to justice means courts that work for everyone.”

Erie County Legislature:       Barbara Miller Williams

The work of the legislature involves taking action on communications from the County Executive, the various county departments and agencies, other governments, the public, and the legislators themselves.

Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples Stokes (141st A.D.) and Chairwoman of Grassroots said “This endorsement by Grassroots, Inc. will enhance the infrastructure currently in place so that the residents of the City of Buffalo will have improved access to resources and tools that government provides.  The ability of the aforementioned to connect with small businesses, institutions of higher education, healthcare facilities and more importantly the “people” showcases an integral part of the superior public service these individuals have already displayed!!”   

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