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Peace Bridge E-ZPass® Customers Transferred to New York Service Center | Business

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Peace Bridge E-ZPass® Customers Transferred to New York Service Center
Peace Bridge E-ZPass® Customers Transferred to New York Service Center

BUFFALO, NY/FORT ERIE, ON – Today the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority (Peace Bridge Authority) and the New York State Thruway Authority (NYSTA) announced that all Peace Bridge E-ZPass program accounts have been successfully transferred to the New York Customer Service Center (CSC) as of July 18, 2011. This conversion provides enhanced benefits to current commercial and individual tag holders, including increased CSC hours of operation, the availability of walk-in locations across the state, reduced up-front tag expenses for commercial accounts, added toll discounts, as well as E-ZPass Plus program eligibility.

“We welcome Peace Bridge E-ZPass account holders and look forward to offering them an exceptional customer service experience,” said Thruway Authority Executive Director Michael R. Fleischer. “The Thruway Authority operates a top-notch service center that provides both American and Canadian customers with many valuable account management options.”

The Peace Bridge Authority initiated CSC conversion in early-2011 in order to better serve its customers. This data-intensive process required the secure transmission of

thousands of account records and was completed with little to no impact on customers or standard E-ZPass services.

“The Peace Bridge Authority is constantly striving to ensure that our customers get the most out of E-ZPass,” said Peace Bridge Authority Chairman Anthony Annunziata. “The Peace Bridge is the only international border crossing equipped with E-ZPass and roughly 75 percent of commercial traffic and 32 percent of passenger vehicles at the corridor are enrolled in the program. That is why we are committed to enhancing services and increasing participation in this effective, congestion-reducing technology.”

Prior to joining the New York CSC, Peace Bridge E-ZPass customer accounts were administered by the Peace Bridge CSC via JPMorgan Chase & Company. The Peace Bridge CSC has been subsequently phased out – thereby eliminating a somewhat unnecessary duplication of services – and is no longer available; however, customers may now manage their accounts or sign-up for new tags by visiting www.e-zpassny.com or calling 1-800-333-TOLL (8655).

“This transition has gone smoothly and is a great fit for the New York Service Center, the Peace Bridge Authority, and all E-ZPass customers,” said Thruway Authority E-ZPass Operations Manager Eric Christensen. “We hope that even more Peace Bridge users will recognize the benefits of the program and choose to enroll now that they have a convenient walk-in facility located right in the Buffalo Niagara region.”

Peace Bridge E-ZPass customers were officially notified of the conversion through a series of official postal mailings, online outreach efforts, and industry newsletters. To learn more about E-ZPass at the Peace Bridge, visit www.peacebridge.com/ezpass.

The Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority, a binational authority, has owned and operated the Peace Bridge since 1933. The bridge, which was opened to traffic in 1927, spans the Niagara River between Fort Erie, Ontario, and Buffalo, New York, and is a key international border crossing. The Authority is governed by a 10 member board with an equal number of representatives from Canada and the United States. As an international compact and in accordance with its enabling legislation, the chairmanship alternates annually between Canada and the United States.

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