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Joseph Dart: Missing In Action | Commentary

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Joseph Dart: Missing In Action
Joseph Dart: Missing In Action


  The most significant figure in Buffalo's waterfront history, next to Samuel Wilkeson, has gone missing! Joseph Dart, inventor of the worlds first commercial Grain Elevator has disappeared! On the Commercial Slip Bridge, historical signage about Joseph Dart and the Grain Elevator he invented, was mysteriously replaced with a "REBIRTH & RENEWAL" sign talking about the "fight for rebuilding Commercial Slip" and how it came to be!

   THAT is more important than Joseph Dart? Hardly. The R & R story is nothing to brag about, an embarrassment at best in my opinion. There should have been no fight about reconstructing Commercial Slip, the western terminus of the Erie Canal.  That site is one of the most historic in this country and definitely in NY State. All it does is express the ignorance of those in power in Buffalo at the time when all this was being planned. Rebuilding Commercial Slip was such a no-brainer that the lawsuits, fights and arguments etc. necessary to bring this about, was not a proud moment in our planning history. 

   Joseph Dart invented the worlds first Grain Elevator, a system of grain handling that took full advantage of our location on the Erie Canal, making Buffalo the greatest grain handling port in the world for over a century. His system revolutionized bulk grain handling in every port in the world that transferred grain. He made possible Buffalos first great commercial venture, a reason for being, 17 years after the opening of the Erie Canal.

   But the real issue is, where is the Joseph Dart Sign?? As far as authentic history of Buffalo, one can't get much more noteworthy than Joseph Dart.  Leave Dart out, then you may as well take away every other sign on the bridge also. 

    If those responsible really need the rebirth story out there, build your own sign, you have the money. Return Joseph Dart to his rightful place.  Where is it?  Don't  care who took it, just have some respect for Buffalos Heritage and return Joseph Dart to his rightful place soon.  Thank You

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