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City Says Delaware Will Remain One Lane | News

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City Says Delaware Will Remain One Lane

BUFFALO, N.Y. - No one was able to rush anywhere during rush hour Thursday evening, if you were on Delaware Avenue and headed out of the city.

At times it was faster to walk than to drive, with cars at a standstill, their brake lights glowing in the dark.

One of the factors causing the backups was the fact that Delaware was reduced from two lanes down to one over the summer to allow for a new bike and turning lane.

Some drivers took matters into their own hands Thursday by making Delaware two driving lanes during the storm.

But Buffalo Public Works Commissioner Steve Stepniak said traffic was bad because the storm hit during rush hour.

Scott Brown: "Any thoughts to going back to Delaware for two lanes during the winter?"

Steve Stepniak: "I don't think it had anything to do out there with the lanes. I think it was the timing and intensity of the storm we had. It was coming down pretty hard and heavy there, and with the winds it just slowed traffic down a little bit. But I don't think it had anything to do with the lanes."

Scott Brown: "Wouldn't it make sense that two lanes would work better than one, especially during a storm?"

Steve Stepniak: "Well, we haven't had many complaints at all about Delaware, and the traffic flow has actually been smoother than it was before. ... When you get to an area again, about five-thirty, six o'clock, there was a lot of gridlock throughout the entire Western New York."


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