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U.S.-India Ties, Country’s Global Growth Emphasized in Lecture | News

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U.S.-India Ties, Country’s Global Growth Emphasized in Lecture
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U.S.-India Ties, Country’s Global Growth Emphasized in Lecture

Ambassador Dnyaneshwar M. Mulay, consul general of India in New York, presented valuable insight into the country’s impressive emergence as an independent nation and underscored the importance of strong U.S.-India relations in the Daemen College Distinguished Leaders Lecture Series event held on July 25.

As the first international speaker in the lecture series, Mulay discussed India’s rich ancient history to offer an intriguing perspective on its evolution to the country that exists today. India’s success, he explained, comes from a blend of history, cultural values and commitment to economic growth.

“India is a land of great aspirations and prosperity and is a country that strives to serve as an example of peace,” said Mulay. “Since its independence (from Great Britain) in 1947, India has embraced working as a unified nation and is focused on living by its affirmations as a democratic society.”

To illustrate this point, he talked about India’s extensive efforts to make voting accessible to as many of its diverse population as possible despite sections of the country’s challenging typography. “Election officials have been known to travel by all modes of transportation to reach some of the most remote and mountainous areas to ensure that our citizens have access to voting in elections,” said Mulay.

When speaking of U.S.-India relations, Mulay emphasized the many similarities between the two countries, including basic values for citizens, economic connectivity and making global improvements. Looking ahead, there are many opportunities, he said, “for the two countries to work together on areas such as climate change, clean energy, food security, technology, and in other collaborations that can make major, positive changes on our planet.”

He also conveyed the Obama administration’s vision for U.S.-India relations and in re-energizing strategic partnerships between the countries, an effort that’s been referred to as “a defining partnership for the 21st century.”

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