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Cars soon to return to Main Street but some businesses suffer | News

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Cars soon to return to Main Street but some businesses suffer

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- After years of discussion, planning and construction, the 600 block of Main Street in Downtown Buffalo will soon be open to car traffic.

The NFTA board will likely approve its operating agreement with the City of Buffalo at its meeting next Thursday, and car traffic will return soon after, possibly as early as Friday, January 23. Details are still being finalized.

Once re-opened, cars will ride on the same path as the Metro.

Meantime, just down Main Street in the 500 block, the construction has had unintended consequences.

Bob Newman, who owns Perk's Cafe, has been forced to close. He says the chain-link fences and restricted access cut his business by 80 percent.

"We started out great," Newman said of his opening about a year ago. "Sales were really great. People loved having us here, and then as soon as the fences went up and all the construction started, sales just dropped right out of the bottom."

Newman wishes the city could do more to help businesses that are having to deal with the inconveniences of the construction, but he notes the return of car traffic will help many shops in the area.

The 500 block is on schedule to be finished by the fall of this year, according to city officials and Buffalo Place.


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