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Buffalo Faces Federal Lawsuit from Free Speech Activists | News

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Buffalo Faces Federal Lawsuit from Free Speech Activists

BUFFALO, N.Y.--  A man who claims he was ordered by Buffalo Police to leave the Italian Festival last summer because he was handing out religious material and talking about his religious beliefs, is now the subject of a federal lawsuit.

Watch Buffalo attorneys Michael Risman of Hodgson Russ and Steven Cohen of Hogan Willig debate the merits of this lawsuit in the video player above

The Alliance Defense Fund is filing the suit on behalf of Gregory Owen.  The ADF is a legal alliance of Christian attorneys that defend the right of people to freely live out their faith

Mr. Owen claims he was peacefully sharing his faith on public streets and sidewalks in the Hertel Avenue area during the annual festival when he was confronted by police and threatened with arrest.

Festival organizers had a permit from the City of Buffalo to hold the festival on public streets, which according to the city,  gives them the right to determine who or what organizations can distribute literature and/or solicit festival-goers.



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