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What's Next For Buffalo's Grain Elevator Project | News

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What's Next For Buffalo's Grain Elevator Project

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Following the successful test of a light display on one of Buffalo's grain elevators, the project is now moving forward with full installation expected about a year from now.

Tom Dee, president of the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation, laid out the time frame to 2 On Your Side. He said it will take about 2 months from now for the designer to come up with a full master plan.

That plan will be submitted to the ECHDC Board of Directors and to the citizens through public hearings.

Dee said that will help determine how many of the grain elevators will be incorporated, what type of lighting will be used and when the displays will be operated.

After a design period, installation will begin. Dee said he expects that sometime next fall or winter.

2 On Your Side also asked about the cost. Dee said NYPA monies may be available in addition to expected state funds. And he said sponsorships might be available.

"Sponsorship is something that we really haven't embraced yet, but we certainly are thinking and talking about it right now," Dee said. "We saw a great Sabres logo out there (Tuesday) night, and we were pretty excited about that."

Dee also noted that one of the grain elevators is owned by General Mills, which may open up sponsorship opportunities.

It's unclear at this point how much this may cost, because the design phase is just getting started. The scope of the project will help determine its final price tag.


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