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Labatt Blue Buffalo Pond Hockey Tournament Planned for February | News

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Labatt Blue Buffalo Pond Hockey Tournament Planned for February

BUFFALO, NY - We may not have NHL hockey right now, but in a couple of months, we'll have pond hockey.  If the weather cooperates!

Labatt and Buffalo City officials announced details of the annual pond hockey tournament being held early next year on the Erie Basin Marina.

All the games are scheduled for Saturday, February 9th, so Sunday can be used as a make-up day if there is a weather issue.

Organizers for the tournament say that, this year, a lottery will choose the teams that compete.

Registration begins this Friday and runs through the end of the month. The cost is $250. 

What happens if the weather isn't cold enough and the lake doesn't freeze?

  • If Lake Erie does not freeze, or the accumulated ice depth does not reach the 10-12 inches needed for safe hockey play at least one week prior to the event, the Labatt Blue Buffalo Pond Hockey Tournament will be cancelled. 
  • If the tournament is cancelled prior to hockey play starting on Feb. 9, all teams will be refunded their $250 registration fee. 
  • In the event the pond hockey tournament is cancelled due to weather or lack of ice, tournament organizers will likely shift the event to a street hockey tournament, as they did in 2012.  If that happens, teams who held a slot in the pond hockey tournament will have the right of first refusal to play street hockey.
  • All teams who register to play in the Street Hockey tournament would be charged a $100 registration fee.

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