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City Grill Widower Says She's "Still Standing" | News

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City Grill Widower Says She's "Still Standing"

BUFFALO, N.Y. - A widowed wife is releasing new details and feelings about the shooting that changed her life.

In a new book, called Still Standing II, A Widow's Journey, Tanisha Mackin recounts the Aug. 2010 murder of her husband outside the City Grill restaurant. The establishment is now shutdown. 

To this day, Mackin continues to try and cope through her writing. When her husband was killed, seven other people were shot. Four were killed and four were wounded. The shooting devastated Buffalo.

Mackin and her husband, Dee, were supposed to celebrate the wedding reception they never had, after one year of marriage. Then, a tragedy struck. Riccardo McCray took out a gun and began shooting people outside the restaurant. 

"The main point of the book is everything that I endured after my husband passed away in becoming a widow and the things I had to learn to do on my own," she said. 

Mackin spoke to us via Skype about her new book, which was released in mid-October. She currently lives in Georgia to be close to most of her family. After the shooting, Mackin wrote a book called, Still Standing, to express her feelings. Family say the sequel touches a cord that hasn't been felt before.

"She was semi-transparent in the first book about her past, this book is just ongoing in how she overcame what happened and how she's still standing," said Monica Lewis, a cousin of Tanisha Mackin.

The book addresses more about the trial of McCray. Mackin, who did testify writes in the book, "[...] to sit on that stand and look my husband's killer in the face drove me insane. I just wanted to go off on him and tell him what he took from my family, especially my children, but I had to remain calm for Dee." 

Mackin also writes more about her philanthropy. Last year, the 33-year-old set up her own non-profit called: The Mackin Project. The foundation assists families who have lost a loved one to violence.

"The biggest lesson is not to take life for granted, live everyday to the fullest because you never knowm," said Mackin.

"For someone to go through all she went through in eight months she's doing phenomenal," said Lewis.

Dee was killed nine days before his 31st birthday. Mackin says one of the hardest things she'll have to live with is that her two children will not grow up with their father.

Mackin was diagnosed with colon cancer, also in 2010, the same year her husband was killed. She is now cancer free.

Mackin also has a chapter in the book specifically about forgiveness and whether she can forgive the shooter. McCray is serving a sentence of life in prison without parole.

As far as the book is concerned, ten percent of the proceeds from the books go to her foundation that helps others who have lost a loved one to violence.













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