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Cops Put on Leave After Deadly Shooting | News

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Cops Put on Leave After Deadly Shooting

BUFFALO, NY -  More details are being released about a deadly accident that killed two people in Buffalo on Thursday night.

Each day we're learning more details about the incident that killed a driver, who sped away from police. The accident also led to the death of Ida Murphy, a woman who was well-known in the community around Fillmore Avenue.

The Erie County Medical Examiner's report, which has just been released, shows that 48-year-old Issac Parker died from a gunshot wound, not the injuries from the crash. However, no investigating agency has announced whether the bullet that was fired actually hit Parker.

For legal experts like Leonard Zaccagnio, the incident presents many questions.

"The key issue is whether or not the police officers' actions at the time, were reasonable under the circumstances," he said.

This is something a grand jury will likely review.

Police say Parker was pulled over near MLK Park on Thursday night. While speeding away from police, he hit some light posts near Fillmore and Riley.

Because the driver fled the scene, Zaccagnio says this reveals another issue.

"That goes into whether it was reasonable, here you got a guy they pull over to the side of the road, they're approaching this individual, they're in the process of questioning and making a arrest and he takes off so that certainly plays into it," he said.

The posts collapsed to the ground, striking Murphy and killing her.

Legal experts say that this could become a criminal and civil issue for the officers involved and the Buffalo Police Department. 

Police tell 2 On Your Side that two officers have been placed on administrative leave, which is department policy after any time there's question of an officer's weapon being fired.

The department still hasn't released the names of the officers placed on leave. 

Daniel Derenda, Buffalo's police commissioner said Friday, "the officers had the suspect shut off the vehicle, he became confrontational, we believe that a struggle ensued when he tried to start the vehicle and at some point when the officer was dragged and a shot was fired in close proximity."

The entire incident remains under investigation. Parker has had a history of driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Family and friends of Murphy say that she was passionate about her work at a local church and that she was just trying to go to the store, when the accident happened.

At the same time the community continues to remember Murphy. A vigil for her is set for tomorrow at 6 p.m. at the crash scene.


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