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Local Business Lets Google Street Maps Inside | News

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Local Business Lets Google Street Maps Inside

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Google Street View is a great tool when it comes to getting a look at your destination from the comfort of your own home, or your desk at work.

But now the site is taking you inside businesses that it used to just drive by.

Uncle Sam's Army Navy Outfitters on Larkin Street in Buffalo is one business that has allowed Google's cameras inside.  When you log on, search for the store, and scroll around, you get a 360 degree view, and you can move about the entire store.

"We realized that we're one of those businesses that you don't understand until you come in. We get people to come in for the first time all the time and they're like, wow! I had no idea this existed. So it was kind of important to us to want to use that medium that tool to reach more people so that they'll say oh my God, it's a really cool place," said Chris Story with Uncle Sam's.

Story adds that he's not worried about any security issues this could pose, such as giving thieves an inside peek at the store.  He says the store is alarmed and it also has security cameras.


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