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Buffalo Entertainment District: Is It Really for ALL to Enjoy? | News

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Buffalo Entertainment District: Is It Really for ALL to Enjoy?
Buffalo Entertainment District: Is It Really for ALL to Enjoy?

As a patron and now vocal activists against the racist remarks and treatment to everyone who attended an after party at 4 Play Nightclub on Saturday, April 23, 2011, the question now is, 'Why did this happen and why is this venue apparently not the only one in the Buffalo Entertainment District apparently racially profiling it's patrons?'.

Since the 4 Play incident made headlines, countless others have come forward with their experiences, not only regarding this establishment, but to other nightclubs on the strip. People going out, mixed races, then it's the African-Americans who are denied most often immediately. It may be, their shirt is not fitted correctly, not the right color, their hat isn't right,  jeans not fitted correctly, or shoes are not right for this establishment. BUT, anyone else (white) is allowed to enter with no issues, even if they had on that exact same outfit. What gives?

I'm not saying in anyway, that this happens at all establishments downtown. I'm saying, it's a certain few and I have witnessed it first hand.

When the lights were turned on and the music pulled on us at 4 Play Nightclub, 11pm on the dot on the night of Saturday, April 23rd. it was not surprising. This is because just 30 minutes earlier, a friend and I had both heard a staff worker talking to the promoters, saying 'We have way too many black people in here'. And then, everyone was kicked out a short time later? Hmmmm

In a location centered in the heart of our city, near many hotels, theaters and other attractions for both tourists and locals to enjoy, WHY would it matter how many people of color are inside an establishment? As long as your customer is decently dressed, spends money and not causing trouble, WHY WOULD IT MATTER what color or race they are?

The crowd that attend the 4 Play that Saturday night was well dressed (just arrived from a Fashion Show at Forbes Theater), the crowd was not fighting (this was a mixed crowd of local artists, poets, dancers, models, friends and family, the people who put the show together who became one big family). So, what was the real issue? Well, it was over heard on the patio. It was told to the promoters to get more 'white people' inside' and allegedly, it's not the first time this has happened at this exact same venue.

When you look at Chippewa Street as one giant district, what do you see? Is it mixed? Is it only catering to one type of clientele? Should it continue? What do we do next to fix this problem?


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