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Legislator Dixon Announces Erie County Opposes Wind Farms in Lake Erie | News

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Legislator Dixon Announces Erie County Opposes Wind Farms in Lake Erie
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Legislator Dixon Announces Erie County Opposes Wind Farms in Lake Erie

BUFFALO, NY- A resolution sponsored by Legislator Lynne Dixon (Evans, Hamburg, Brant) opposing the exploitation of Lake Erie as a site for a wind farm was approved by the Erie County Legislature during its Thursday, March 17, 2011 session.

“I am glad the Erie County Legislature approved my resolution sending a strong message about protecting our Great Lakes,” Legislator Dixon said. “By doing so we are taking a stand on the issue, especially on behalf of our communities that live on Lake Erie and for all who use it for recreation.” 

Representing several communities located along Lake Erie, Legislator Dixon has been heavily involved in examining the possibility of wind farms since taking office in January of 2010. She has met with professionals and community groups dedicated to studying the matter and concluded that at this time she could not support a wind farm in Lake Erie.

“The fact that studies have uncovered a lot of negative effects associated with wind farms, and that several New York counties, including Niagara, have also opposed wind farms in the lakes, has led me to sponsor this resolution opposing the creation of wind farms,” Legislator Dixon said. “My resolution clearly states several reasons why the County is correct in opposing wind farms and I thank my colleagues for supporting my efforts. It is clear to me that a wind farm would have a negative effect on Lake Erie and be damaging to the habitat in and around the lake.” 

In her resolution Legislator Dixon states several reasons for opposing a wind farm:

  • Negatively disturb wildlife habitats, which is detrimental to the sport fishing tourism industry
  • Could dislodge toxins that settled to the lake floor and have a disastrous environmental impact
  • Would negatively impact shipping lanes used to transport goods on the Great Lakes
  • Could increase avian mortality among threatened species
  • Shorts in electric cables could injure or kill aquatic wildlife
  • Wind farms have been shown to interfere with accurate weather predicting

Copies of Legislator Dixon’s resolution will be forwarded to local officials, as well as the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation and the New York Power Authority.


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