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Slaughter Says Affordable Care Act a “Game Changer” for Consumers | News

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Slaughter Says Affordable Care Act a “Game Changer” for Consumers
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Slaughter Says Affordable Care Act a “Game Changer” for Consumers

WASHINGTON – Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (NY-28) today celebrated the one-year anniversary of passage of the Affordable Care Act, which extends health insurance coverage to millions of Americans and implements significant consumer protections when obtaining and retaining health insurance.

Slaughter said “I am proud to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Care Act.  This landmark law has a strong and positive impact for Western New Yorkers and families throughout the United States. As we celebrate the one year anniversary, I continue to fight to perfect the law and defend against special interest efforts to roll back the invaluable protections provided to consumers.”

While serving as Chairwoman of the House Committee on Rules, Slaughter helped guide the legislation to passage, resulting in a new healthcare law that has begun providing benefits to millions of Americans.

Among the benefits provided to consumers, New Yorkers are now protected in the following ways:

  • No arbitrary limits on coverage
  • Children can no longer be denied insurance coverage because of a pre-existing condition
  • Children can stay on their parents health insurance up to the age of 26
  • Insurance companies cannot drop coverage when a patient gets sick

In addition:

  • Nearly all 44 million beneficiaries who have Medicare, including 2.8 million in New York, can now receive free preventive services – like mammograms and colonoscopies – as well as a free annual wellness visit with their doctor. 
  • More than 252,288 New York residents who hit the Medicare prescription drug coverage gap known as the “donut hole” received $250 tax-free rebates, and will receive a 50% discount on brand name prescription drugs when they hit the donut hole this year.  By 2020, the law will close the donut hole completely.

“Health insurance is one of the most important purchases a family makes.” Slaughter said. “Prior to the Affordable Care Act, buying health insurance could be a high-stakes wager, as insurance companies were free to change policies, remove benefits, and deny coverage to consumers seeking care. The Affordable Care Act fundamentally changed the game for consumers, ensuring the insurance they need is there when they need it most.”

Slaughter has continued to work on perfecting the law, starting with the 1099 provision for small business.  Slaughter voted for legislation to remove the provision after hearing from small businesses about the trouble complying with the provision.  She will continue to work on perfecting the law to ensure that consumers are protected at the same time our free market economy can operate free of undue burden.

To learn more about the law one year later:

  • A coalition of health industry powerhouses have launched Healthcareandyou.org, which provides state-by-state interactive guides designed specifically for consumers.
  • Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein provides a look at what the law does and how it does it.
  • Healthcare.gov provides an in-depth look at the law and explains benefits to consumers.
  • The non-partisan Kaiser Family Foundation has a video explaining the changes provided in the Affordable Care Act and how it will impact citizens.


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