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How to Find the Right Suit | Style

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How to Find the Right Suit
How to Find the Right Suit

Taken from the well-dressed Justin Timberlake "as long as I be my suit & tie ish" here is a composed must follow list on choosing the right suit. According to experts over at GQ magazine there is a method to the madness of finding the right suit and getting the right fit. So to all the men getting suited up check out some of the best tips when it comes to picking the right suit.

Tips on finding the right suit & fit

It’s all in the shoulders- Make sure your suit fit your shoulders firmly it makes all the difference it’s wise to go down in size when fitting experts say when you are shopping for suit simply pull on the jacket and for firmness if it doesn’t fit in the shoulders don't buy it.

Tailor down the sleeves- The width of the sleeves matter slim down the sleeves of excess fabrics for a better cut.

Cuff- suit cuffs should sit above the wrist showing a quarter to half inch of shirt cuff it adds a well-polished and elegant look.

Tapered Jacket- It’s important to have your tailor taper the sides of the suit jacket to contour to your body. It can show off the shoulders making them look strong.

Overview- experts state flat-front pants, cut slim, with very little break at the ankle produces a long, clean look. Your pants should just clip the tops of your shoes, not bunch up over them.

Lapels- The lapel is said to dictate the suit character the most whether is slim to modern the lapel should be about two inches at its widest point.

Two Button suit are best- Go for Two button suits because they are consistent and fit all shapes and sizes. Sure you can also go for the one or three button ones that are cut well. But pay close attention making sure to for ones with low-button stances to get that a long, slimming torso.

Pocket types- Ok there are ticket pockets if you want that British or trendy look and there are the traditional flap pockets both are great. Slit pockets you may want to steer away from; they look too dated.

Vents- The vents on the jackets are important especially in the back of the suit jackets. There are centers vents which keeps the lines of the suit cleans and simple. Go for the side vents if you are looking to make a statement. Both vents play an important role in the character of the suit


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