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Morgan Dunbar
Animal Advocacy blogger

The Animal Allies of Western New York is a collection of persons concerned with the way non-human animals are treated, and how we define their roles in our lives. The group promotes rich conversations surrounding animal ethics and works to spread awareness to the community regarding the moral issues surrounding our relationships with non-human animals.

The term “animal” encompasses both human and non-human species. Therefore, we are also concerned with liberty and justice for all. We work hand-in-hand with other social awareness and service groups to encourage compassion over violence in every respect.

We educate and thereby empower our members, along with the community, regarding animal welfare/rights issues, and use our constituency to rally support in changing weak legislation.

**This organization is HANDS ON in the community, constantly working to develop new initiatives and giving members opportunities to get active and make a difference!**

AAWNY members are passionate about the well-being of all animals, because all living creatures deserve respect and compassion.