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Have you heard the Farm Sanctuary "Auction for Farm Animals" buzz? | Events

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Have you heard the Farm Sanctuary "Auction for Farm Animals" buzz?

Well, as I am sure many of you have read there is going to be an "Auction for Farm Animals" on September 27th at Merge Restraurant, and I would love to see some new faces to support not only one of my favourite places to be, but my favourite organization as well. Farm Sanctuary is the worlds leading Farm Animal advocacy organization.

I have posted a link to another "Reel Life" video to give you another look into what Farm Sanctuary does, just click on the "Reel Life" here. It breaks my heart to meet the broiler hens and roosters at the farm, their breasts so big that they'll run a few steps, then have to rest because of the weight. Their legs are massive in size, nothing like the chickens and roosters I grew up with on a farm, and the picture of what I thought all chickens in the food industry looked like. Modified to grow 400 times faster than usual, broilers are sent to slaughter at 45 days old, still sounding like little cuddly chicks. The egg layers are tiny little hens, and they LOVE to run around, pecking in the grass looking for any delicious treats that may be hiding just beneath the grass, something that in the food industry, they would never do. Each one has their own personality, like a cat or dog.My favourite of the Roosters is Dino. I have a long history with roosters, and I admit I was a little nervous, for like a half second, unitl I realized he was sweet as pie. As a child I disobeyed the ONE rule my babysitter gave me in the chicken barn, NEVER run from a rooster. Well, I was about four, and this rooster came at me, neck stretched and screaming, and I RAN. Honestly, what human would not take flight in that situation, sadly, my four year old legs were simply not fast enough. He landed on my shoulder as I was one step shy of getting onto the porch to get inside. I wear the scar from his claw on my cheek. After that, I have been terrified of any chicken or rooster. Dino broke that mold, and my fear with it. He sat on my lap, just like my cat. He purrs too, only it's more of a low chirp/ cockadoodledo type sound. I guess picture an elvis rooster humming, thats Dino. I make it a point to visit Dino each time I'm on the farm, to thank him for changing my heart and mind, and for being such a sweetheart. His best friend Echo the turkey is quite a handsome gent too, and he's always flirting. Turkeys can change the color of their snood, that red piece that hangs over their beak and under as well, and he'll fluff his feathers and put on a real show for the ladies. He loves to be pet, and his snood is so neat to touch. If you are able, I really do suggest you take the drive to Watkins Glen to meet two of my favourite, handsome friends on the farm. Watkins Glen also boasts gorges, state parks for camping, nascar races, and wine country, so it's a totally doable almost "staycation."

On September 27th Merge Restaurant at 439 Delaware Avenue will be, with myself, hosting the "Auction for Farm Animals" to celebrate this years "Walk for Farm Animals" and to raise awareness and funds for Farm Sanctuary. The list of donations for items up for bid continues to grow. Today I have added three more items, and each one excites me. I am proud to have these items, and so pleased with the support of the local shops, and artisans. To see the items that have been added please visit my blog, just click the words "my blog" here. Tickets for the event are $30 with alcoholic beverages, and $20 with non-alcoholic beverages, and include food and entertainment for the evening. Raffle tickets will be sold for the items in the auction at $5 for 5 tickets, or 15 tickets for $10. A portion of the event fee will be donated to Farm Sanctuary, and 100% of the raffle ticket sales will be donated to Farm Sanctuary. I am really thrilled to see this event grow into what it has. I started out with 2 certificates, and an idea with no venue. Now I have over 20 certificates and items, and an amazing venue with food, drinks and entertainment. 

Please join me in celebrating this years Walk for Farm Animals, and the first "Auction for Animals". I wanted to host this event to raise funds for Farm Sanctuary so that they can continue their rescue, education, and advocacy for farm animals. Just because I am vegan does not mean you have to be to have a great time at this event. I was not always vegan, I proudly proclaimed it on national television. I know now that it takes a small seed to grow. It takes only one drop of water to make a wave, and I hope I am that drop of water, or that seed. For me that seed was a vegan friend, it was cultivated with a video, and an education that shocked me. Then I picked up a book by Jonathan Safranfoer, and I found Farm Sanctuary online. My visit to Farm Sanctuary solidified my choice, and it took only a thought in my mind to get to where I am now. I am not trying to make anyone vegan, I know that does not work, I know it has to happen in your time, when you are ready. Just remember at my core, I am no different than you, or anyone else. Something I learned from one of my favourite movies growing up "Charlotte's Web" 

I hope to see you at the Auction, or the walk. Your company and support would be greatly appreciated.


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