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Infringe on fashion at Buffalo Infringement festival 2013 | Arts & Culture

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Infringe on fashion at Buffalo Infringement festival 2013
Infringe on fashion at Buffalo Infringement festival 2013

Buffalo Infringement kicked off July 24 taking place in multiple venues in and around Buffalo’s Allentown District, the festival is an annual eleven-day event running from the last weekend of July through the first weekend of August.off July 24-Aug 4. This Year at Buffalo Infringement eco friendly designer/stylist Tamora Lee present "Infringe on fashion" at Buffalo Infringement festival 2013.

Infringe on fashion presents four fashion installations that infuses fashion environmental and social issues, art, music, theatre, mua, photography, fashion, hair and dance. The fashion Installation will be filmed during infringement in part to provoke audience into realizing that the supply and demand for fast fashion play a huge part of a vicious cycle of poor working conditions, lack of social responsibility, outsourcing,lack of manufactured good in the USA that ultimately impact artists, local economies and the environment. For more info on Tamora Lee Jewelry go to http://www.etsy.com/shop/Tamoraleejewelry 

Here are the dates for "Infringe on fashion"

HERE ARE THE FASHION INSTALLATION DATES/Times for Infringe on fashion...hope to see you there!!! See list below and its 11 days of arts, music, fashion, theatre and more!!!!!!!


July 27th, Picasso Moon, , 5:30pm 260 ALLEN ST BUFFALO NY

July 30th, Spot Coffee, 8 pm ELMWOOD AVE LOCATION

Aug 2nd, Coming Home Buffalo: The Gallery Next Door, 8 pm 140 ELMWOOD AVE.-FILMING FOR PART 2 OF FASHION ON FILM

Full list of credits/production

  • Producer/Designer/Stylist- Tamora Lee of Tamora Lee Jewelry, Melissa Campbell of Filigree’s
  • Designer/Stylist-Lawrence Pizzi
  • Hair design-Theresa Bodkin Jahmi of D/T Glamour Loft
  • Hair design-Josie Ricotta Young
  • MUA-Shania Karmark
  • MUA-Mena Tea
  • MUA-Kiesha
  • Photographers-Floyd Baker, Studio 112 , Rasheed Jones
  • Film/Video-Rasheed Jones
  • DJ: DJ Unknown
  • Body Art-Floyd Baker
  • Theatre: Erika Frase, Amy Lee Reucsh
  • Music/singer: Kim Reinagle

Models for Infringe on Fashion-Erika Frase, Kim Reinagle, Amy Lee Reusch, Jorge Acevedo, TK Robinson, Shanekqua Lewis, Kayla Camille, Lauren Boehnke, Quinton Ryan, Paris White, Jermaine Jackson, Janel Eppolito, Lisa Crapsi and Ali Krajna. For Booking info for any of the models please send email request for contact to getthebuzz716@gmail.com

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