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Critt's Juke Joint Unlocks the Music of Stevie Wonder with Keys of Love | Arts & Culture

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Critt's Juke Joint Unlocks the Music of Stevie Wonder with Keys of Love
Critt's Juke Joint Unlocks the Music of Stevie Wonder with Keys of Love


What happens when a Buffalo-based musical mega-talent takes on the tunes of a legendary virtuoso?

A genre-bending, funkalicious super-event that is sure to fill the dance floor.

Nothing brings out the love, in this case Buffalove, like a Stevie Wonder melody, and there is no one more suited to guide an audience through that spiritual, funky and feel-good soul than jazz frontman Eric Crittenden.

After drawing one of the largest crowds of the summer to Canalside with his collaborative Wonder tribute featuring the BPO, Eric Crittenden, a Buffalo funk and soul pincipal for almost two decades, knew he had something special.

"Covering Stevie Wonder this summer with the BPO taught me that mastery is in the simplicity of the listener. We all shoot for that in our songwriting and whatever in life we are trying to accomplish," says Crittenden.

"We can count on one hand those artists who are synonymous with the craft of their art. Music is history by default, and there are seldom moments throughout time where technical proficiency and gut-bucket soul collide. In Stevie's case, it's like the Big Bang."  

Big Bang may even be an understatement. In 1961, eleven-year-old Stevie Wonder sang his original song "Lonely Boy" before Motown super-mogul Berry Gordy, and the rest was history. The child podigy grew to become an equally prodigious adult, racking up thirty-two number one singles, 100 million album sales, 25 Grammy awards, an Oscar, a Golden Globe, along with a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Presented by Garbaz productions, and spotlighting the visual talent of artist Jeff Garbaz, the aptly named "Songs in the Key of Love"  will feature guests Chuckie Campbell, MC Zill, Katie Ann, Stevie Fleck Jr. and more!

Saturday, September 26

Buffalo Ironworks

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