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Garbaz Does Zeppelin: Buffalo Style | Arts & Culture

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Garbaz Does Zeppelin: Buffalo Style
Garbaz Does Zeppelin: Buffalo Style

BUFFALO, NY-January 30, 2016- What do you call a thunderous, bluesy brand of folk-music, peppered with international sound, created with the intensity of hard rock and lending itself to psychedelia perception?

I call it Led Zeppelin.

On October 30, 1969, the members of the iconic London-based band, still in its infancy, made their inaugural Buffalo performance at Kleinhan's Music Hall. Lack of confidence in the band's ability to draw a Buffalo audience spurred tour managers to keep ticket costs under five dollars. The managers needn't have worried so much.

By all accounts, Buffalo was treated to an addicting performance that night. With the heavy, guitar-driven music of Jimmy Page permeating the powerful, mind-blowing lyrics of Robert Plant, the sounds of Zeppelin reverberated into the hall. Buffalo became hooked on Led Zeppelin that night. The rest is history.    

On Saturday, January 30, Buffalo will once again be treated to the exuberance that is Zeppelin, when renowned visual artist and event producer Jeff Garbaz brings his Zeppelin extravaganza, BLOUSES OF THE HOLY, to Nietzsche's for its 14th consecutive year.

Providing rich entertainment for a cost-efficient fee, BLOUSES OF THE HOLY is a spectacular feast for the senses. For just $7, guests are in for a perception-bending 8 act display. Combining the spectrum of colorful and mind-distorting visuals he is known for with the powerful intensity of rock-royalty, BLOUSES OF THE HOLY 2016 will boast performances by veteran bands such as Metal Maiden, Youngblood, and the Yogurt Club, while adding a new and unique horn arrangement by Tiger Chung Lee, complimented by the drumming talents of Buffalo treasure Jeff Schaller.

Featuring skillful Buffalo greats such as Todd Eberwine, Eric Crittenden, Kathryn Koch and Jeff Miers, BLOUSES OF THE HOLY is a true staple to the Buffalo rock and roll event scene.

Jeff Garbaz is known for his live visual performances, and producing the content for large video screens at concerts and events across the country. He has entertained thousands with his mix of live-feeds, multi-media and mind-blowing graphics.

You can see his work online at www.garbaz.com and on YouTube at Garbovision www.youtube.com/user/Garbovision


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