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Rock The Runway to Stop Bullying
Rock The Runway to Stop Bullying

Bullying has become an increasingly growing problem because everyday thousands of kids are affected and it has many parents, teachers, communities and other organization worried. It’s hard to really understand the long and short-term affects and/or causes of bullying because to often it is always unseen.  There are documented studies that show how bullying can lead to mental health issues, suicide, low self esteem, stress, anxiety and depression. Organizations such as DBK (Dream Believe know It foundation) are creating programs that features a curriculum that schools can implement to help Stop Bullying. 

On January 20 in Summit NJ DBK (Dream Believe Know it foundation) will host its  “Rock the Runway for a purpose to strut out bullying” charity fashion show. The event takes place at The Grand Summit Hotel in Summit NJ. The Foundation spokes model and New Jersey native is model from Project runway season 4 Lea Rannel. Also speaking at the event is DBK founder Daryl Washington alongside  “DBK Youth” 15 year old president & Buffalo NY native Kally Kennedy and “Miss Teen America” Katarina Kneer. The event kicks off with a silent auction at 7pm and features a runway show by some talented designers at 9pm.

 " Every child deserves a chance words hurt! Stand up! For more info on event tickets and donations go to http://thedbkfoundation.org/

About DBK Caution No Bullying Program

The main focus of the  program is to engage today’s youth, schools, communities and parents in hope of creating a learning and social environment that promotes healthy and peaceful support tools within the schools as well as the community. The program offers the necessary tools such as workshop, student assembly’s and seminars that are centered on improving emotional management, communication skills and conflict resolutions. Overall the main objective is designed to meet the needs of young people, schools, communities and parents. Its main focus is Character development; emotional well-being and healthy relationships to help build stronger youth, teens, families, school and communities by helping the youth build character, values, embrace diversity and learning skills to achieve lifelong successes.

The DBK Foundation Caution No Bully Zone program can be offered in K-5, middle and high school environments to find out more info log on to http://thedbkfoundation.org/our-programs/.


Caution No Bullying Zone Program Objectives

  • To increase participants’ knowledge of healthy vs. unhealthy behaviors and to teach critical-thinking skills to help them make healthy choices.
  • To strengthen participants’ goal-setting skills by connecting personal goals to personal behaviors.
  • To enhance participants’ self esteem through a better understanding of adolescent development and body image


Caution No Bullying Zone Curriculum

  • Reach youth at their level: casual attire—jeans and t-shirts
  • Engaging motivational speakers: one male and one female
  • Inclusion: open forums for youth sharing and feedback
  • Focus: changing lifestyles by making better choices
  • Electrifying & Life lasting impression for our youth
  • Each 45-minute assembly includes a variety of interactive teaching techniques and class discussion. Each session builds on lessons learned in prior sessions reinforcing self-esteem and goal setting skills.

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