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Attention! Designer Bootcamp Comes to Buffalo | Business

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Attention! Designer Bootcamp Comes to Buffalo
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Attention! Designer Bootcamp Comes to Buffalo

Her 11, Gethebuzz716 and Connecting fashion worlds announces the immediate availability of workshop Designer bootcamp 101 and Model Bootcamp 101 which allows emerging Fashion designers and Model access to designers, Fashion professors, models scouts/agencies and fashion industry leaders with knowledge of the fashion industry. Designer Boot camp 101 provides emerging Designers and Models with resources, training and development, to support its growth and profitability. 

The Instructor for Designer Bootcamp  is Designer "Lawrence Pizzi'  teaches at FIT (Fashion Institute Technology) in NYC. He has worked for Alfred Sung, Alexander Wang, Autumn Cashmere, Sasson, Robert Cavilli, Giorgio Armani, Missoni and Man.The event takes place Nov 10 9am-5pm at Filigree’s Gallery & Boutique 1121 Elmwood ave in Buffalo NY. For info go to http://designerbootcamp.eventbrite.com/#

Designer Boot camp 101” will focus on research in various disciplines of fashion and related practices that explore the utilitarian function of clothing to the discipline of semiotics, the business of fashion to manufacturing, materials technology, design innovation, history and education. Global trends are making a huge impact in fashion due to technology.  Designers Boot camp 101 helps emerging designers to understand how to transmit concepts and ideas to create successful brands to balance the fashion aspiration of today’s changing global market if they want to stay competitive in the industry and most important, relevant in the mind of consumers.

Designer Boot camp 101 promote emerging designers with events that provide education in the areas of marketing, branding, public relations, social media, and so much more. The workshops are designed to engage and be fundamentally interactive for emerging designers to focus on their brands and get strategic insight. Additionally Designer Bootcamp 101 allow  students, designers and models to ask question of educators and industry leaders about tpoics that are not fully explored in traditional Course material. “Designer Bootcamp  101 states although it’s not a replacement to formal education institution they  wanted to make Course more engaging on an  Individual level ," said Tamora Lee, Marketing VP of Getthebuzz716.

Designer Boot camp 101 is built on the idea that education; networking, branding, technology, communication and collaboration are the keys to success for emerging designers.  The goal of Designer Boot camp 101 is too educate emerging designers through a series of interactive and targeted labs and workshops. Designer Boot camp 101 wants emerging designers to learn how to create viable yet practicable plans to help them build brands stand out in a global industry.

Some of the workshops for Designer Bootcamp 101 include:  Info http://designerbootcamp.eventbrite.com/#

v  —Getting your line ready Costing-/Manufacturing

v  Learn to Identify Your Brand’s Voice and Tell Your Brand’s Story

v  How-To Identify Your Customer and Anticipate Wants and Needs

v  The Designer Debate: To Sell in Stores or Not To Sell in Stores

v  How Content Can Ultimately Drive Commerce


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