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A CLOCKWORK HORNS: A Multi-Media Musical Mash-Up | Events

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A CLOCKWORK HORNS: A Multi-Media Musical Mash-Up
A CLOCKWORK HORNS: A Multi-Media Musical Mash-Up

BUFFALO, NY-May 16, 2014 – What happens when two Buffalo-born entertainment powerhouses meld their respective visual and auditory talents to a mix of Kubrick and music?

A sure-fire multi-sensory feast of intellectual proportions.

This Friday, May 16, career entertainers and longtime friends Jeff Garbaz and Eric Crittenden bring their creative brain-child, A ClockWork Horns, to Allentown for your sensory pleasure.

Described by event co-founder Eric Crittenden as a multi-media sensory mash up, A Clockwork Horns will feature the musical and improvisational talents of Crittenden and the live-action video and visual talent of Garbaz in one of their most notable pairings to date. Friends for years, the talented duo has a long-established entertainment partnership, stemming in part from their collaboration in the Buffalo nineties alt-rock band Last Lemming.  

This latest entertainment series from Garbaz and Critt will illuminate quips and quotes and clips of the iconic director and screen-play writer Stanley Kubrick.

Crittenden, a principal member of the Buffalo Jazz and Funk scene for almost two decades, is certain to energize Garbaz’s video vision with his funkalicious style and jazzy beats. Crittenden will be joined by the musical talent of Peter Charles Isaac on trombone, Anthony Aversa on guitar, Roy Shimmyo on bass and Ravi Padmanabha on drums.

When asked about the inspiration for Friday's genre, Garbaz, an internationally respected visual artist and director of live video, quotes Kubrick himself, “The screen is a magic medium. It has such power that it can retain interest as it conveys emotions and moods that no other art form can hope to tackle.”

One part counter-culture idol and one part cinematic genius, Kubrick is known for films which examine the depth and frequent depravity of the fragile human psyche. Recognized as master of every genre of film, Kubrick has achieved pop-culture status for pictures such as the satirical masterpiece Dr. Strangelove, and the sub-culture classic A ClockWork Orange.

Certain to add a whole new dimension to the films of American director and screenwriter Stanley Kubrick, Friday night’s music-video mash up can only be described as an innovative entertainment super-event.

A CLOCKWORK HORNS: A Multi-Media Mash-Up

PAUSA Art House

19 Wadsworth Street

Buffalo, New York

Friday May 16, 8 pm

$7 cover, $5 with student-ID


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