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Hot Summer Trend "Neon"
Hot Summer Trend "Neon"

This summer hottest trend drum roll please is Neon. The trend is rapidly taking over the fashion scene in everything from jewelry, shoes, handbags, garments and nails. Designers continue to take neon to new heights with lots of innovation ways to recreate bright vibrant colors. So if you’re not sure if this trend works for you or it seems a bit out of your fashion comfort zone here’s a list of great ways to pulling off this trend.

How to wear Neon

Neon Shoes- Neon shoes are one of the fasting growing trend. Be sure to match the shoes with the outfit you're wearing and choose some accessories that are neutral to balance things so you don’t go overboard. The type of neon shoes to choose is simply a matter of your own style and taste so whether you choose one solid color shoe or a mix of neon with 3 or more shades its up too you. Neon shoes look good in many styles from sandals, booties, to high heel so be sure to choose what’s functional to you.

Neon Bags- There are tons of bag choices when it comes to neon trend but be careful to make sure that you choose same color Be sure to stay with the same neon color if you are wearing neon shoes. For example blue with blue, pinks with the pinks, yellow with the yellow.

Neon Jewelry-There are tons of bracelet, necklaces, watches with bright bold neon it’s a great way to try out the trend if neon garments are to risky just be sure to wear neutral colored garments.

Choosing the right neon color mix- Colors that look great with neon are neutrals/nude, black, and white but don’t limit yourself just be very careful with color choices & mixing when pairing neon.

Neon Color blocking- Color Blocking your outfit to include neon is a great way to mix neon. Be sure that you choose bold, vibrant, neutrals and pale color when pairing neon shoes to keep the color blocking balanced and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Neon Nail polish- still not convinced you could pull off the neon look then try going for the nails instead. Neon nail polish is another trend for the summer that you can try out if you are still undecided on the neon accessories and garments.

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