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Danielle Legg
Animal Advocate Blogger

Some folks may call me an activist, and in a sense I am. I don't think anything, person or animal, should be exploited. I don't usually picket or protest, my choices show in my behavior. In what I wear, in what I eat, and in how I treat others. I know that many people may not share my views, I didn't share my own views 2 years ago. I ask that you respect my feelings, and I will certainly return the favour. I enjoy intelligent conversation, and I love to laugh. Even when something is serious, I think finding humor helps people to talk more about it, and feel more comfortable. Of course I understand that rarely in todays news can humor be found in tragedy. Laughing about my pets, or something funny on the farm takes me away from harsh reality when I need it, and that can't be a bad thing. 

The picture above is of me at Farm Sanctuary, meeting a piglet I sponsor named Bob Harper. I'll post a link to his story, and the stories of the animals I have met. In those stories I hope you'll understand why I make the choices I do, and if you ever have questions or just want to pick my brain, please do.