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Keri Lock
Freelance Writer

Born and raised in a suburban town north of Buffalo, New York, Keri spent countless hours as a child reading and writing. Escaping into books, she often found herself consumed, losing herself within the words. After high school, she enrolled in West Virginia University School of Journalism.

Keri's love of writing continued to develop, as did her passion for photography after  she returned to her hometown to complete her college degree in Early Childhood and Childhood Education. She has written articles on music and the arts for publications across the United States. She has a minor in Literature, and a Masters Degree in Literacy. In the process of launching a website aimed at guiding parents in their journey to raise literate and book-loving children, Keri continues to devote much of her time to the true love of her life-writing, while awaiting the release of her first novel, CRACKED.

Keri teaches third grade at an area public school, and her greatest focus is to inspire children to value communication, and love words!